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I decided to celebrate the rare day off that I have today by hitting the shops! and although I didn’t buy anything it was the thrill of the hunt that made the whole experience exciting. The possibility that I may find something that I loved so much I just had to have it. Sadly the […]

Ever noticed how even the toughest of people seem to slow down and and smile when walking past a pet shop window? It can be pretty much any animal but just the sight of their cute furry faces makes people feel good. I know I have to resist the urge to want to bring every […]

Often in todays society we can be so busy that we don’t actually take notice or process our surroundings. The view, the people, the atmosphere. I’d been having one of those crazy busy days where you had to schedule in even the slightest thing and work had been just as insane. Luckily the thing that […]