Rules of the game


Hi & welcome to Meet Me At The Boutique! often when we’ve been out of the game for a little while we require a bit of an introduction. Sometimes people say it’s just like riding a horse when you fall off you just have to get back up on it. The same can be said for the dating game.

Remember all that excitement of first meeting someone the butterflies, the countless hours spent shopping for that perfect outfit just so you would make a good impression, getting your make up just right so it covers up that little freckle you don’t seem to like or putting on your favourite shade of lipgloss because it always makes you exude confidence. Ahhhh the excitement!

But then theres the other side of the game where you’re thinking even though you know what you’re doing it’s just been a while that you’re wondering if it’s you or if the game has really just changed that much. Everything at this stage is questionable, do you really even know yourself anymore? or is the game even worth the end goal anymore?

Sometimes I wonder has everything else in the world become so risky that now whether we realise it or not we have become a society of playing it safe?


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