Empire State of Mind



The smells, the sounds, the lights, every sensation was like nothing I had ever experienced before. For a moment I had to close my eyes just so I could open them to confirm with my mind that after everything here I was, finally I had arrived in New York City. I had barely arrived but I couldn’t just look at one thing at a time I wanted to take it all in remember all the little things, all the big things and just keep it all forever, my eyes were darting all over the place. So many people come to New York City looking for many forms of love and adventure and at that very moment I had found mine.


As with everything new I had a moment of anxiety, what do I do? Can I handle being so far away from home? In the simplest of terms… Yeah you can! It’s New York City! When we broaden our horizons we learn the best things about the world and ourselves. So on a cool Novembers night in New York we began to explore the most amazing concrete jungle we had seen. It may seem like a stereotypical stop but our first destination was Times Square.


Forget the dazzling of a diamond on a finger, the lights of Times Square illuminated the night. I had never seen anything like it before. While the sheer size and hustle and bustle of people coming and going may make some people feel alone those aspects of Times Square made me realise that you can come to New York City alone but there will always be something going on. In New York City you can be an individual in a crowd but loneliness seemed far from what I was experiencing.


Just the sensation of being there I could imagine what it was like when the ball dropped on New Years Eve, the sounds of the cabs going past, the beeping of horns (which as our trip went on we discovered happened quite regularly), the steam coming from the vents on the road, the smells and the tapping of shoes as hundreds of being around you were heading on their own journey. This was just the start of the ultimate experience…..after all if you can make it here you can make it anywhere!



2 Responses to “Empire State of Mind”

  1. 1 Dennis M.

    Wau…I have great memories too! Beautiful pics…first time I went to NY…I said to the taxi driver: just bring me to Times Square! The rest if history…Great blog. * D

  2. Wow… This post brought me back to my first time in New York 🙂 Very beautifully written!

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