How far is too far?


It is often on the most common of days through the most random of conversations that some of our deepest insights may come to light. Today was he perfect example of this what started as a casual walk with a friend on a beautiful sunny day turned into a conversation about some of life’s most consuming topics, relationships, or more specifically long distance relationships.

Would you wait? Could you do it? Could you handle seeing each other every other week or month? Is knowing you are in a relationship with that person enough? Sometimes these are the questions that everyone is wondering but no one wants to say because no one wants to be critisied for thinking they can’t deal. But aren’t we always being told we need to love ourselves before we can love anyone else? If thats the case would it be selfish and wrong to put yourself first in this case?

Let’s face it long distance relationships are tough! It’s hard being with someone yet not being physically near them or being able to spend time with them. Am I saying that this is reason to give up? Not at all. Sometimes the most difficult of journies are the ones that yeild the biggest rewards.

As this conversation continued and vered off and back again I though to myself about life in general. Very few things I had wanted up to no in my life hadn’t turned out the way I had planned or hoped and life had taken me on its own crazy road! That didn’t mean that my life was any better or any worse than anyone elses it just meant that it was different.

So why should relationships be any different? Relationships that follow are stereotypical view of how a relationship should be aren’t guarenteed success. Everyone and every relationship is different and sometimes things happen in a relationship that strengthen and bring a couple closer together. Create your own path in life no matter the situation after all it is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all…



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  1. 1 elmundooo

    Lovely post ❤

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