She shoots, she scores, GOAL!


Mondays…. do I even really need to go into that. It’s fridays arch enemy! So on this Monday as I woke up to a overcast and freezing Sydney morning it took a little coaching to get out of bed. As I said goodbye to an oh so dramatic weekend I began to feel more than just the usual case of monday nerves. Today was the day of my six month review at work and what an amazing, crazy, educational, emotional six months they have been.

During my review I received the regular feedback, progress about how I was performing and a conversation about goals that surprised even myself. I had goals but hadn’t actually thought about how much I had achieved even in just the last 6 months. I remember back to New Year’s I didn’t want to set resolutions as such because I feel like often the idea of a resolution, solving something utterly and completely can be daunting and often leads to failure because we make that resolution bigger than the journey.

Instead of doing that I set myself goals because the thing I believe about goals is that the road to them isn’t always ascending. Sometimes you experience the downfall but if you pull yourself back up that final result means so much more because you learnt to appreciate the journey as a whole. In the last 6 months I achieved many of the goals on my list, I got a new full time job in my field, I finalllyyy got my passport and I booked my first trip overseas.

So as I discussed the goals I had stated in my 3 month review my manager told me to think of more goals that I would like to work on before my one year review. She said they could be anything! But what struck a cord with me even more was the idea that she shared that sometimes sharing your goal with someone else can in fact be a little motivator. Someone there knows what your working on, someone who will ask you about it and motivate you to succeed. No in a judgemental way but in a positive supportive cheering you on type of way.

My mind started to slowly tick over like clockwork and I began to think of new goals or working further on ones I already had. So I’ll share my goals now with you to give myself more motivation and maybe even inspire you to do the same.

  • Learn more about the roles of others within my team.
  • Save for another holiday.
  • Be fitter, more toned and stronger.
  • Be more confident about myself and my abilities.
  • Set myself a 10 week challenge (fitness/exercise)

Stay tuned & keep reaching!

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