No you can’t work with us!


It seems like every other day now we either read, view or see another story about bullying. However when we think of bullying we often think of children and school yard taunting. But how many of us think about it in adulthood? You’d think but you’re an adult why wouldn’t you say something, stand your ground, you’re an adult after all. This seems like a common answer but this can be the last thing you can do if you’re confronted with the situation.

As an adult, not even that, as a member of society who contributes to the world no matter how large or small your contribution may be you should not have to be  subjected to work place bullying. There is a difference between a bit of advice or providing someone with the knowledge of how they can do a particular task differently or more efficiently and being a bully. Advice can be encouraging however calling someone derogatory names of implying that they are stupid to me constitutes bullying.

This got me thinking we constantly go on about childhood bullying (and so we should it is a serious issue) but as we get older do we hide behind the shield of adulthood and act as if it doesn’t still occur?

 Have you ever been in that situation? What do you think?

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