The Anti Fairytale


We’ve all heard the stories at some point in our lives of boy meets girl, boy falls hopelessly in love with girl, he woos her and they go off into the sunset to love happily ever after. Thank you Disney! While I’m not denying there would be occasions where some people experience the lives of fairytale characters for many more of us the cliche of kissing a frog (or many) before you find you’re prince is more applicable.

So welcome to the anti fairytale where it takes much longer than 64 pages to find your prince and when you do he doesn’t intantly fall for your rapunzel like locks or fair as Snow White skin. Rather he engages in a game of cat and mouse where one day you think he is such a nice guy and the next day he has you questioning whether he’s even interested at all.

Prince Charming might not be so charming after all. Never in all the pages did Cinderella ever question her Princes feelings, half the time she wasn’t even aware he existed until that fateful night. No one ever put doubt into her head. This was the perfect relationship however this is was not reality.

Sometimes you experience more hiccups in the path of a relationship than losing a shoe. The Prince (or the man you thought was a Prince) can have you feeling insecure and pondering about what you can do to make him see all the great things that you two could be. But the truth of the anti fairytale is sometimes he just won’t or can’t see and just like Cinderella there is only a limited amount of time before the ball comes to an end.

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