Less is more


Sitting down with the latest issue of a magazine often draws a sense of excitement, all the possibilities of fashion inspiration and life beyond the cover of our own. There is a part of us that is curious, some would say, even voyeuristic about the lives of our favourite celebrities or merely the celebrities we all love to talk about.

As of late it seems as though some celebrities have gone beyond the standard form of entertainment and purely provide fans with shock value. Please do not misinterpret what I am trying to say, I am an active participant in all these things I have mentioned. However after seeing Rihanna’s latest outfit at the CDFA awards I began to question my responses as a viewer and fan.

While some say this choice of outfit is a feminist statement, and I do see this point, I came to think of it from more of a perspective about celebrity culture itself. While I was initially shocked I was also surprised as well by myself, the shock didn’t seem to last long and soon I found myself thinking “well this isn’t exactly something new”. Has the evolution of celebrity culture come to the point where everything is shocking therefore nothing is shocking? Would we now be more surprised if we saw celebrities less exposed?

The world went into a storm when Miley took to the stage twerking but this all got me thinking again the shock factor is not new think back to the 2003 VMA’s and the now infamous Britney, Madonna and Christina kiss. This sent everyone into a frenzy.

So even though it provides us with entertainment and whether you prefer wild Miley to regular Miley I pose the question how far can celebrities really go before nothing surprises us anymore? Or is it merely shock value for entertainment and we should just enjoy the moment!


3 Responses to “Less is more”

  1. I couldnt stand this look. And more so how much people worshipped it. Is this ok now?? I mean nipple pasties would have made the outfit daring and understandable..but this..I dont have words for

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