The ponderings of an overactive mind


I find blogging particularly therapeutic in many ways. I get to do what I love and I have the opportunity to share my thoughts with others and hear theirs. In many ways blogging is a like keeping a diary of sorts. Frequently I discuss those light bulb moments, you know the ones where you don’t realise at the time but later down the track when you think of that same situation it makes you go “what was I thinking?!” or “should have seen that one coming”. While I’m sure I will continue to have many more of those moments, we’re only human after all! Today when I pondered upon past events my mind had a different focus.

The past few years has been tough as I’m sure life has been for many people. I’ve had those moments where I never thought things would ever change and I’m guilty of still having these moments. It’s life! Everyone always tells you it will get better perhaps a more accurate thing to say would be that it will get better but life is always up and down no one has a smoothly running life a hundred percent of the time. Problems come but take reassurance that they do go as well.

So today while pondering all this I also began to think about how I had influenced my situation and changes in my life. Even in so much as just the last 6 months. I went into this year with a set of things I wanted to make happen in my life not just this year but a new path I wanted to take to improve my life and myself. I’m not saying I had a bad life but there were things I wanted to change because I wanted to move forward and experience the best that I can do for my life.

One thing I wanted to change was my job and as someone who had been searching for a while I know how difficult and how discouraging it can be when it seems like there are no opportunities. But this year I was determined not to give up and I did find that new career and job I had been searching for. Achieving this changed my whole outlook on so many areas of my life. We often become content with where we are because we fear rejection and change is frightening but if we never tried we could miss out on some great opportunities and happiness.

I’m still working to be even better at my job and working towards all the other things I wanted to focus on in my life so take a minute and think of all the things you’ve done and achieved despite the challenges of life, it may jus give you that confidence and sense of achievement to seize the best of even the darkest days.

“Even if you fall on your face, your still moving forward” – Victor Kiam


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