In her shoes


As she awoke a familiar yet unexpected sound greeted her. The rain lightly danced across the walls of the house as if to remind her that this shell she knew as her home was actually a barrier, a barrier that protected from the dangers of the outside world.

But today was different, while she usually tried to see the positives out of even the worst situations today her mood was as bright as the gloom that greeted her when she opened her front door. Her pain consumed her. It wasn’t a physical pain, that would be easy to deal with, hers was an emotional pain. A pain that could be hidden underneath layers and layers of clothing yet one deep look into her eyes revealed it for all the world to see.

Thoughts and her emotions fluttered through her mind so quickly sometimes not even she could keep up by the time she realised she had been sad she was alreaady angry. She wasn’t angry that certain events had happened to her rather she was upset at the wripple effects and how they forced her to change literally every aspects of what she knew, how she lived and herself.

As she stewed on the events of her life she noticed a young girl looking at her and what she was writing and she saw it, saw the one thing no matter what happened to her that she could have, hope.

For every problem she had there was someone out there with one worse, for every inch of pain she suffered there was someone who had suffered more. In that moment she knew that those shoes that adorned her feet were not new but that many had walked in them before her and unfortunately many more would after her.

So even on the darkest days appreciate, love and cherish those you have and the life you lead for you never know what tomorrow brings.

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