To the light at the end of the tunnel


Every now and again we experience a lightbulb moment in life (as per the image above…..granted ours may be more figure of speech rather than literal) but it’s that little moment that we may or may not realise at the time that can totally alter our perception of a particular situation or person. It’s moments like these that can also teach us a lot about the type of person we are and the type of people we want to become.

This is particularly evident in our relationships with others. Relationships can’t be avoided (although I’m sure we’ve all had a few that we wish we could) we have work relationships, friendships, family and romantic the list goes on. However sometimes there are those moments when you thought someone was different and it can really hurt our feelings when someone turns out to be another way.

However it’s this moment where you can either let it break you or learn from it. You can’t be responsible for another persons decisions or choices however you are responsible for your own. Sure if someone constantly brings you down you have the choice to stay and let them continue to be a part of your life or you can choose as difficult as it is in that moment , and believe me I know, to let them go. Sometimes we hang onto a memory. A memory of who that person use to be and we don’t want to accept that it’s different now. People change and sometimes even though it hurts it’s better to accept this and let them go now then continue to try and only end up getting hurt more with time.

Am I saying don’t be upset about? definitely not! knowing we feel hurt shows that we genuinely care. but it also teaches us so much about the type of people we are and want to be. Besides if we don’t have the bad experiences how are we going to know when we truly have it good? It’s experiences like this that make us better people and appreciate everyone around us not matter how good or bad the relationship we learn something from every person that walks in and unfortunately sometimes walks out of our lives. So to all the bumps along the road thank you for teaching how to handle the rugged terrain and appreciate the smooth parts of the journey!

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