The silver lining on a rainy day


It was one of those days. The weather was grim, cold, wet and gusts of wind were thrashing wildly about the awning of the cafe. It was the perfect day to stay at home a cuddle up to my blankets but friendship calls! We braved the weather and headed out for a spot of retail therapy to brighten our day, hmmm maybe it is true what they say every cloud has a silver lining (pardon the pun). As we sat down with our collection of purchases the conversation flowed before we knew it we had ventured into a topic that frequently arises in everyone’s lives, relationships.

However this was unlike many other conversations we had had before. It was not a conversation of what went wrong? Is he interested? Rather it was about how our past relationships have affected how we approach relationships now and how we act in relationships as a result. I’ve frequently heard what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger but what if experiencing those negative events and people makes you insensitive? What if you to some extent become like that person who did that to you? or as we put it have our experiences with those douches turned us into the douches? (May not be a politically correct term but its a simple as it can be).

Women are constantly portrayed as the victims, always getting played, getting the raw deal in relationships. But is this the case anymore? Have we become so fed up that we don’t care if we hurt anyones feelings? Or is it simply a defence tactic, get them before they get you? Or maybe in its own weird unique way it’s a case of what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, the experiences felt as strong as these gusting winds when they happened but perhaps it is the calm after the storm.

Sometimes I really do wonder will I ever learn the answers to these questions….

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