Roses are red…


In case anyone missed the outpouring displays of love and affection or PDA’s yesterday was Valentine’s day or for some single awareness day :p. In the past I admit I would have let out a sigh at the thought of Valentine’s day and tried to avoid it like the plague! But this year was different, I think I had been through enough in the last year to just be content with myself and life. I had survived some of the worst experiences in my life that I never imagined I would experience at this age and if I had thought of them before I would never have contemplated surviving them of handling them the way I have. Sometimes it is true, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger unfortunately it can be a very emotional journey until you get to that point.

But back to my original line of thought, I was perfectly content with my single label on Valentine’s day, it would happen when it happens. However as the day progress others on the other side of the Valentine’s day fence were not quite feeling the same. As more and more flowers started arriving some girls with boyfriends who had not sent them flowers yet began to feel the pressure. I began to think whatever your status single, in a relationship or it’s complicated we all share the same fear, rejection.

Are we loved? Are we loved enough? We begin to contemplate these things when we are exposed to other peoples displays of love. However there are many ways to show this it doesn’t have to be just with flowers and chocolate. Showing someone you care can do more than a box of roses and chocolates. Our fear of rejection may never completely disappear but I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason and for every person who leaves your life there’s room for another and without having the bad experiences we wouldn’t really know or appreciate when we have a good one. Am I saying return the flowers and chocolates? no.. we all like to be spout sometimes :p rather I am trying to say appreciate the meaning behind them and not just in a lover relationship but in all relationships those people are in your life because they care and love you and that’s 365 days of the year not just one.

4 Responses to “Roses are red…”

  1. 1 healthstyleandfashion

    I read the first three sentences of the last paragraph with Carrie Bradshaw’s voice haha.
    It’s so true what you’ve said here 🙂 x

  2. Haha “singles awareness day”, love it! But its so true, we all do fear rejection in one way or another! People can be so complicated

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