When I grow up


Remember that moment as a child when all you wanted to do was play with the big kids or you couldn’t wait till you were old enough to play with make up, no matter how disastrous those photos of that moment may be now? We all just wanted to be able to do all those things that everyone else was able to do. It seemed exciting! Fun! But had I know then what I know now maybe I wouldn’t have wanted to grow up.

Let me take a minute to explain, no I haven’t been sitting around watching Peter Pan all day. But I think what we don’t realise at that stage of life is as we get older life gets hard, really hard sometimes. Sure this is part of becoming an adult, everyone experiences it but as children we live our lives only seeing the fun parts of being older and not realising that it isn’t always smooth sailing.

Sometimes life can get overwhelming! This is the part we don’t see as children. With the fun, the make up, the clothes comes having to stand on your own two feet. This isn’t a bad thing it’s just that sometimes this can be a scary thing. It’s no longer a fantasy playing dress up or raiding your mum’s make up, it’s real. A make up wipe can’t get rid of mistakes anymore or can’t lessen the responsibilities of adulthood.

My aim isn’t to freak anyone out, rather what I’m trying to say is when we were younger we had no idea of what life was actually like and it can be scary and that’s ok. As adults we put so much pressure on ourselves to keep it all together all the time when sometimes we feel just like that little child and have no idea what we are actually doing or getting ourselves into and guess what? That’s ok! We’re all entitled to get overwhelmed and freak out every now and again, why? because life isn’t always as easy or as fun as we thought it would be. So if you want to cry, cry. If you want to laugh, laugh. Sometimes we all need to have a moment and just go back to being that child when life was simple.

2 Responses to “When I grow up”

  1. I wish I were still younger too! Life was simpler, my only worries were choosing between which barbie doll is my favourite!

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