Like sands through the hour glass..


It’s amazing how quickly time can slip away from us. To me it only seemed like yesterday that I posted my latest blog entry. But time has that ability it can seem to be so long and yet like none has passed at all. The past months have been some of the most difficult and draining I’ve ever experienced, it’s moments like those that make time feel like it drags on. However then you those moments where you see your family and your friends and suddenly you forget what is was that was bothering you or you see the bigger picture in life.

This was all even more evident on new years eve. The one night in the year where everyone reflects on the good, the bad, the exciting, everything that happened and how they changed in those 365 days. For me I sat there and felt like I had lived so many different lives and experiences in that one year I didn’t even know what or how I should feel. I had lost the most amazing person in my life, gained some true friends I can count on and learnt sometimes people aren’t who you think they are and you need to stand on your own two feet. Should I run away from that? Sure I can, but will that change anything? No.

So while we sat there enjoying each others company, sharing memories and just a few champagnes I didn’t completely feel excitement about the year ahead. Rather I looked at the year that had been and thought what’s next? and that can be a scary thought. But while it can be scary it can also be positive, while in 2013 much of what occurred was beyond my control and some things were too much for me to handle 2014 doesn’t have to be the same. Sure there will still be things beyond my control but what about the things I can control?

The use of the word control does seem harsh but if I don’t like something in my life sometimes I’m the only person who can take charge and change that for the better. So rather than making new years resolutions, that lets face it by about mid January it’s all over, I decided to make goals. I don’t want to be stuck in the same rut on new years eve 2014 and nothings changed so I’m going to work at changing and reaching my goals so that way I can feel like I utilised the 365 days I had.

Hope that brought about a little inspiration to day 17! 🙂

2 Responses to “Like sands through the hour glass..”

  1. Good morning!

    Excellent post, and rather timely. I, too, have pondered 2013, and marveled at time wasted when I could have been writing.

    But, as you said, no sense in contemplating ‘what might have been’; best to take charge and forge ahead and ‘make things happen.’

    That, then, IS my new year resolution for 2014; to write more, to be more productive, so when new year’s eve rolls around again (and it always arrives sooner than you think…) I can look back and marvel at what DID get accomplished.

    Thank you for an inspiring and uplifting post. And thank you also for liking my post. I appreciate it.

    Now…on to my writing………

    Take care,

    • Thank you for reading and commenting! 🙂

      Exactly take charge and make things happen! Sometimes I feel like we are limited by ourselves and that negative thought of I can’t do this.

      I love your new years resolution for 2014! I hope to accomplish the same and be grateful for everything i’ve achieved.

      That means a lot to know my post was so well received, Thank you! 🙂

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