I sat and I wondered…


It seems to me that I always tend to contemplate (or over analyse) virtually every aspect of my life when I’m alone. To some extent this is pretty common, throughout the day we are all distracted by work, friends, study, kids or whatever it may be that in some ways we are oblivious to the elephant in the room…ourselves (I don’t mean the elephant thing literally, it’s just a figure of speech). When the day has slowed and we’re getting ready to recharge for it to all begin again is when we are often faced with the issues that we were too busy to face or just wanted to ignore. There is no escaping your own mind sometimes.

Today what I was faced with was the past. Not just thinking about the things I had done or achieved but more importantly the people who had been an integral part of my life, the people I had always seen as part of my future and now the uncertainty and fear of knowing that they wouldn’t be there. In this sense the past seemed like a much happier and calming place than the present or the future.

It got me thinking, is wishing for the past or looking back on it as opposed to looking forward such a bad thing? Is it bad to think of what had been? Sometimes the thought of where our lives once were can be the comfort we need to get through any tough situation in the present.

So I sat and I wondered and I’d like to know what you’re thoughts are too!

4 Responses to “I sat and I wondered…”

  1. I think it is definitely okay to visit your past as long as, as the poster says, you don’t stay there. 🙂 Sometimes we need what makes us smile even if others say it isn’t good. Others don’t always know what is best for us. I hope you find some memories in your present to give you smiles too though!

    • That is true! exactly and everyone is an different what makes one person happy another will find strange etc. Thank you I hope so too 🙂

  2. The past can definitely come back to haunt us in the depths of the night. I spent a majority of my mid teenage years trying to work out many adult complications that had happened to me when I was younger.
    And at times I got stuck there.

    I fully agree, visiting the past is at times needed to go on, though it’s important not to stay there!


    • Definitely, I’ve always been told things seem worse at night and thats so true. From my experience something you worry about at night seems so much less stressful the next day.
      I know what you mean.
      True like you said sometimes we need to go back to things about our past and learn from that or appreciate it however we choose to look at it 🙂

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