Make (up) my day!


One of my all time favourite movie scenes is in the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory where all the children are at the candy bar. Just watching this scene makes you imagine all the smells and flavours all the different types of candy have. I remember watching this and thinking that all the flavours and tastes were endless.

This is how I felt after going on a make up binge! All the colours, all the products each serving their own amazing purpose. I imagined all the possibilities, all the looks I could create. Where to begin! (The extra large coffee I had today only increase my excitement, caffeine high in a make up store very dangerous). Sometimes I find myself falling into the clear gloss only side of life or plain lip moisturiser, my lips are often dry and every now and again they just seem to crack no matter what I do. This poses a problem, I love colour! Although my fear of looking like I have applied my favourite OPI shatter to my lips has me running away.

However the world of blogging has inspired me and given me much advice. I love reading all the posts about beauty and seeing how creative people can be with a product in ways I would never have imagined. On this particular occasion I had come across a posts by Cava with Daisy about a lip scrub produced by Lush. With her advice I decided to give it a go!

The product promises to keep lips in top condition and tasting of candy floss, mmmmmm!!! The minute I opened the jar the sweet smell had me craving fairy floss. Before you start thinking it takes a mammoth effort to figure out how to use this product let me explain just a simple amount on your finger, rub it on your lips and buff it away and you’re done! After scrubbing away my lips felt so smooth and soft.




A common mistake people often make is just applying make up without preparing the surface. In order for any product to go on correctly the surface needs to be properly prepared after all “not to prime is a crime” – Napolean Perdis. The only downside to this product was when taking it out of the jar it was a bit tricky due to its sugary texture, but this does not take away from the benefits it actually worked. I would recommend using it prior to applying lipstick or gloss to create a smooth canvas. Who said preparation takes too long? A mere few seconds and you’re ready to go!

Give it a try, I’d love to hear your feedback 🙂

8 Responses to “Make (up) my day!”

  1. hehe love how you put the Willy Wonka scene at the beginning, this describe exactly the pleasure I get from beautiful (new) makeup! My friend works at Lush so I might get it from her with staff discount ;). It’s Autumn here so a lip scrub is perfect for those dry winter lips!


    • Ha ha ha I’m glad you liked that! That’s exactly how I feel too 🙂 it’s so exciting getting new make up. Ooooo lucky! Exactly, it will definitely save me in winter 🙂 xx

  2. I have the popcorn flavor one! Salty n sweet n yummy! This stuff worked great for me this winter to combat my extremely chapped lips!

    • Oooo I’ll have to give that one a try next. It seems so simple but it works much better than other than other things I’ve tried. Only problem…. trying to use it before I have the urge to eat it ha ha ha

  3. I’m weird about having I dip into pots I’d stuff. I use the Mary Kay satin lips set to exfoliate and moisturize. Have you ever tried that?

  4. 7 misspasini

    I use that lip scrub too a lot ! Very good product.
    I also have the “Sweet lips” lip scrub from Lush (chocolat and vanilla flavour, hmmmm!)

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