As the rain falls


The sky was coloured a midnight black, the warm temperature of summer seemed like nothing more than a distant memory teasing her. Slowly the crisp temperature had crept in like some forgotten enemy. Yet with the cooler weather came something brilliant and inspiring, the rain. While some think the cooler temperature and the rain are depressing for her they took her to another world. A world where cosy slippers and warm pjamas ruled, a world where the moment was fleeting and cosy nights in were rare. 

With this realisation she sat down by the window with her steamy cup of forrest fruit tea. As she put it down on the table she could see the steam escaping from the top of the cup while the purple colour of her tea got deeper and deeper, just like Alice down the rabbit hole. As she sat at her computer she could hear the patter of the rain against her window and for a moment if she closed her eyes she imagined a singular drop glistening and streaming down her window. Such purity for her seemed rare in a world where she was confronted with so much drama. 

Where others would complain about the weather and how it was miserable she flourished. She sat at her computer poised waiting for the creativity to flow from her fingertips like water from a fountain. She began writing tales about her life, so many different tales of happiness, love, heartache and joy. So many things that when she looked back it was hard for her to believe that all of this had happened to but one person, her. But with the weather came inspiration and a journey into another world. She loved the freedom and joy that the words she typed gave her and with each word her excitement for writing grew stronger. 

For a second she paused and listened to the sound of the world around her but almost as if she had been away for a lifetime she dove straight back down the rabbit hole of inspiration into a world of once upon a times and happily ever afters. Her very own fairytale had come true she got her happily ever after writing while listening to the rain.

~The End~

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