Purple Reign



Roses are red, violets are blue, today my colour is purple, what about you?

One of the things that I find a little depressing about winter is that the colours are as dull as the grey and black skies. Why does all the colour have to disappear during the cold season? So savouring the last few rays of warmth I decided to relive one of my favourite outfits. On this occasion I was loving purple!


I wore my lavender coloured singlet from Supre, necklace from Diva, leggings from Target, Heels from Veralli and bag from Louis Vuitton.

 In this outfit even though I am wearing different shades of purple by keeping the same tone the outfit remains stylish and the risk of looking like a packet or crayons is gone! I think experimenting with colour is a great way to mix it up and find out what works for you. Sure not all risks work out but how else would we learn. Don’t let the fear of getting it wrong hold you back.



What I like about this outfit is its simple yet not boring. In a fast paced world where we are so busy we almost need to schedule in bathroom appointments why should we let fun and our outfits suffer? To some the clothes we wear aren’t a big deal however I believe clothes can have a profound effect on our mood and how we handle the day. Just think if you’re wearing something you don’t feel comfortable or confident in the entire day you’ll be feeling self-concious about it or adjusting you’re outfit and that makes others aware of how you are feeling.


IMG_1284 IMG_1285

This necklace is one of my favourites, I am a big fan of long drop necklaces. I find that they are a great way to break up an outfit rather than just have blocks of colour. I love wearing this outfit for a summer dinner or lunch with the girls, even for casual drinks.

Anyone can just put on an outfit but if you wear what makes you feel good then that will show and you will truly look good.


Happy dressing!

3 Responses to “Purple Reign”

  1. 1 matija89

    You’re beautiful! =D

  2. 3 Wild Juggler

    The color scheme here is delicious. The look is powerful and exquisite. It’s hard to look away.

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