One moment. One life. Make it a good one.


Today was a great day.

It can often be difficult for people to say this, especially when even they can physically see the struggles they will face in that day. But today I needed to share something. Something that made me realise that no matter how horrible a situation may be there is someone who genuinely loves and values me, even when I can’t do this myself.

I woke up to a freezing Saturday morning in Sydney but I was excited, today I was going to visit my cousin and his partner who I hand’t see in what seemed like forever. My lovely friend miss Tina arrived in her chariot to pick me up…..with a perfectly hot  soy caramel latte! Just what I needed to get the day started :).

Visiting my cousin made me realise how important my family is to me and how much they make me laugh. When I was feeling uncertain and not sure about where any aspect of my life was headed just seeing him and that look on his face, that look so much like the one my mother use to give me, made me feel like guess what I mattered to someone. I mattered to someone the way I mattered to her.

It may seem random or silly to some but it makes total sense to me. Today to me is a reminder to be grateful for the special people in my life, the people that love me and make me feel safe in an otherwise crazy and lost world. So don’t let today slip through your hands, it may take some time and thinking but try find something no matter how small to be grateful for. It may seem standard to someone else but what matters is how important it is to you and how it makes you feel.

Today that look and that smile on my cousins face meant more to me than maybe even he knows and I will forever be grateful for the little ray of sunshine that was brought to my cloudy day :).

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