The deciding factor in my day


Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Guess what I was thinking about today? I know what you’re thinking, it couldn’t possibly have been decisions……Surprise it was! All jokes aside today I had been battling with my inner self. I have never thought too much about the decisions I make and the impact that they will have on my life. Perhaps yolo is to blame? but we make decisions everyday, it’s the one thing we do without even realising that we are doing it.

For instance we all got up this morning and picked something to wear. This was a decision, why you may ask? Well for one I personally couldn’t iron out all of the wrinkles from my birthday suit, jokes! We all made the decision based on so many different things and influences. We all have our own personal style and depending on the weather where you are right now affects what type of clothes you will wear that day. If it’s raining we’re not going to choose those brand new Tony Bianco suede boots they’ll be ruined! See decisions.

However sometimes the decisions we make are a little bit more complex than that and the reasons why we choose one path over another seem a lot more serious. One thing I find influences my decisions sometimes is what people think. I know it’s silly and when I look at the situation from an outside point of view I think why do you care but sometimes this is just part of human nature. But the main thing I think this stems from is the issue of being judged.

No one likes to feel that they are being put down and when you’re judged this is how it feels. You’re decisions are deemed not good enough and no matter how much you try and avoid it you can’t help but think if you’re decisions aren’t good enough well then maybe you aren’t too. I know there are things about me that certain people will judge and will punish me for in one way or another but at the end of the day I think just because one person doesn’t agree with something, I don’t fit into there ideal of perfection or follow their rules doesn’t make me less of a person. What is right for one person may not be right for another. While we may not always agree that those closest to us have made the right decisions sometimes we need to accept that the decisions others make aren’t wrong, they’re just different from what we would choose if it had been us in their place.

So I hope that made sense and I hope you made…wait for it…the decision to read all the way to the end of this post. 

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