A moment of clarity in an otherwise hazy world


When someone doesn’t want to do something we often hear the excuse or as they call it “reason” why it can’t be done or the situation can’t be changed. Here are some I prepared earlier “Oh well I’m too busy” “I can’t do that now I’ve got 1,2 and 3 to do before that,  I’ll get around to it”. Then there are times when you just want to avoid an issue completely and throw yourself into things to keep busy but that may not necessarily make you happy just so you don’t have to think about it. Truth is by doing that your not only thinking about it more or even subconsciously you can often forget about yourself.

That is not meant in a selfish way at all but sometimes we become so focused on just one thing we let all other aspects of our life go and become so determined with that one direction (no not that one direction) that we are headed in that we sacrifice parts of ourselves and burn ourselves out. Yes even I will admit I am guilty of this, now especially more than ever before. I have become so determined and focused on one goal, just thinking that if I achieve this one thing I’ll feel better that I’m struggling to keep head above water. I threw myself into work accepting shifts to work crazy hours doing whatever job just so I could save to achieve my goal.

Determination and having a goal is a great thing (watch out because there’s a but coming) but… I’ve let it consume me to the point that I’m burning out and losing my passion for virtually every other area of my life. I’ve begun to not care about how I feel about myself and by constantly working I haven’t had to think about that, you may be thinking that’s not exactly a bad thing not distracting yourself so you don’t think about something that makes you feel worse, but when the working day is done……Oh girls, girls just wanna have fun! sorry couldn’t resist! but when work is done for the day I feel even worse.

This is due to the fact that I know I’m not happy with something and instead of trying to do something about it I just ignored the problem, at the end of the day I haven’t done anything to change that. There’s no point in putting life on hold and saying you’re too busy that you’ll make yourself happy later, try do a little bit no matter how small to make yourself happy today because every little step gets you closer to where you want to be.

So my promises to myself include:

  • Not to neglect my passion for writing
  • To do things that make me feel better about myself when I look in the mirror (inside and out)
  • To convince myself I’m more important/worth fighting for as opposed to just giving up on myself

Everyone has their good and bad days, sometimes we just need to remind ourselves that everyday is a new opportunity to try.

Hope you made some positive promises to yourself!

6 Responses to “A moment of clarity in an otherwise hazy world”

  1. 1 matija89

    “…try do a little bit no matter how small to make yourself happy today because every little step gets you closer to where you want to be”
    So true babe, so true. Good luck with everything =) You can do it

    • It sounds so simple yet it’s so true. We may not feel a drastic change or suddenly go from feeling sad to happy but the way I look at it is we can either do nothing about anything at all and continue to feel the way we do or worse or we can try even the smallest thing to make ourselves happy even for a moment.
      Thanks lovely, I hope I can!

      • 3 matija89

        Yes hun and it’s the accumulation of all those little positive steps over time that will help you heal over time. You can’t rush these things x

      • So very true!

  2. love the quote in the picture

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