A moment in another world


Today started much like any other day but I didn’t want to go with my everyday routine. I wanted adventure, didn’t have to be crazy or wild, I just wanted to break free from a routine. So I hopped on a train, part of me felt like going all the way to the end of the line but I didn’t and that was a choice. Everyday we make choices some don’t seem to effect us and others can be life changing. Today may not have been epicly monumental but it definitely gave me time to think in a new environment.

As I disembarked I began to feel the buzz of the city. People enjoying the day off shopping, others going to lunch, no matter what each individuals reasons for being there at that very moment were there was something about all these different people and lifestyle operating harmoniously together. I wandered through the city the smell, the sounds, the feeling off constantly moving along the sleek pavement unlike any other. It’s another world. 

As I got my City treat (Starbucks!!!! Yum) I began thinking, being alone with your thoughts when you’re surrounded by people may seem like a strange concept but sometimes in a crowd we can all blend in into our own little worlds. I thought about giving up and rejection. My dream and goal is to be a writer. This is an especially difficult industry to get into as I am finding out the hard way. But it got me thinking about giving up in general, well that and a certain conversation I had with a lovely friend of mine….you know who you are :). It’s tough but I know what I want and where I want to be. I may not know how I’ll get there and I certainly know it’s a difficult path but it’s my dream. It’s what makes me happy and I want to wake up and be excited about the work I do.

So I thought even though it’s tough and the road is filled with rejection I keep trying because writing is my dream. It is that end result that keeps me motivated through the rough journey. I want to be a successful writer, I will be and I have to think that I am. So why when it comes to relationships does it seem like a whole other story? Say the goal is for a relationship why is the fear of rejection or past experiences of it that hold us back or convince some of us that our love lives are doomed? I found it really puzzling that no matter what areas of our lives work or relationships the same sorts of ideas surrounding them apply. Yet we react differently. 

While my walk through the City may not have solved all these questions it gave me a hope. Maybe not in all areas of life but in some things I know if I try I’ll make it somewhere, I’ll reach some goal and maybe along the way those things that I may not have even realised I gave up on will happen. 

The End

From my Sydney Carrie Bradshaw moment 


2 Responses to “A moment in another world”

  1. 1 Lindsay Tasior * Hair

    Your post rang true to me. I’ve had that moment of walking through my own city, grabbing a coffee, and simply reflecting. What a wonderful thing it is 🙂 Loved this!

    • Thank you! I’m always so pleased when people relate to my posts 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed reading hope i can keep you interested 🙂

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