Video killed the radio star….But are our obsessions with our phones killing our social skills?


We’ve all seen those advertisements where the happy families are riding their bikes around the park, kids are all playing together, people are sitting at cafes chatting away and laughing and life generally looks pretty good. But when you go to the park or you’re sitting at a cafe what do you constantly have on the table or in your hands? I’ll give you a guess you could even be using it right now…your phone.

It is amazing how dependent we have become on this little piece of technology, it can literally fit in the palm of our hand but to some of us it is our entire world. I started contemplating this after my morning exercise routine, during my walk I was listening to music on my iPhone but on the way home I saw something that caught my eye, a young girl was walking to school at the slowest of pace not paying any attention to what was happening in the world around her.

This really got me thinking about how dependent we all are on our phones. I remember being at school, where having your phone on you was a major taboo, but secretly we all did. To now being slightly older and in the workforce in retail where having your phone on you is still not allowed. Back in school I don’t even remember ever feeling the need to check my phone, what is it about current society that has us so immersed on one piece of technology? Why are we so focused on checking in somewhere with our friends as opposed to actually being present in the moment with our friends? Do we feel safer from getting hurt by people if we hide behind a screen because it is easier to run away and avoid a topic when things gets tough?

Have our phones become our new best friends? (In saying this I am totally aware I am writing to you from behind a computer screen, feeling like a bit of a hypocrite). Coincidently enough today when I ventured to a world far beyond that of a screen known as a shopping centre, no not online but a real shopping centre where you can feel the clothes ahhh what sweet joy! and I was saving a table for lunch when I notice the girl who had been sitting next to me walked away and forgot her phone. Grabbing my shopping and lunch I awkwardly ran after her, she was so grateful and claimed that I had “saved her life”.

Did I really? Losing your phone is a major hassle I agree but what is the worst that could happen if we didn’t have access to our phones? Our phones have become the new safety blanket for life. They make us feel like we’re not alone and if anything happens someone is only a phone call or a Facebook status away. But what consequences does this pose for our relationships and our ability to communicate with one another?

Is technology the new reality?

One Response to “Video killed the radio star….But are our obsessions with our phones killing our social skills?”

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