Storm in a tea cup


Sitting down to coffee with friends. One of the simple pleasures in life. But what happens when the conversation is one sided, when the person actually makes me feel worse by bringing up all the failures and downfalls in your life.

How do you take a step back without hurting the person or causing a massive fight? It’s a difficult situation to face. You think about all the fun you’ve had but that doubt creeps into your mind, all those negative moments. It becomes a case not about the fun you’ve had but how much of the situation that is occurring now can you handle.

Is it better to let go now and still be able to have some level of friendship? If we hang on to something that we know isn’t working out are we only hurting ourselves more and venturing closer to breaking point with the potential for a negative end to the friendship?

It’s a hard situation to face. No one ever tells you bad stories about friendships, we all believe in the cliche best friends forever. But sometimes it doesn’t turn out that way but it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. We grow and learn from each experience we have and that could never be a bad thing. People can give you advice but in the end only one person can make the decision about what to do, you.

Sometimes life is hard but take comfort in knowing everything happens for a reason. The only problem? Sometimes those reasons can hurt.

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