When life gives you lemons….


Sometimes life gives us lemons and it is easy to say just cut them up grab some salt and tequila! But at the end of the day or the start of the next or whenever you wake up from a tequila induced time warp all you’ll have is a giant head ache and be back where you were pre tequila…..square one. I think at times relationships or searching for one can be related to my all be it weird tequila analogy.

We all start with a clean slate, a new possibility. Getting to know a person is kind of like the tipsy stage at the start you have your card completely up but as you get to know a person and feel more comfortable your inibitions and doubt can slowly wear away.

Then comes the “fun drunk” stage. Everything seems like the best moment of your life and maybe you even…..love someone (or everyone, come on at some point or another we have all probably professed our undying love for our best friend). This stage is adventure, excitement!

Sometimes this lasts years, months, or a short while. But then comes the come down. The “fun drunk” stage wears off and we are left with reality. You may feel sick? (Because maybe you took the tequila analogy a little more seriously then I expected and now it’s wearing off.) It’s the what happened stage, what did I do wrong. The difference between a tequila bender and reality? In reality you may not have put up hundreds of crazy facebook status’s or you friends may not be able to fill you in on what you did because they weren’t in the relationship with you and you may find yourself back at square one and that can suck! But maybe someday that fun stage will work out.

I know this was a bit of a random post but I hope to someone it made sense and helped in some way.

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