#30 Days of happiness – Day 28


Today I was thinking (I often do that from time to time) about happiness. What makes me happy? genuinely happy? I kind of look at happiness like this, we all know the saying it’s not the destination that matters rather it is the journey. So when I apply that same method of thinking to happiness I look at it as happiness isn’t something that we have and that’s it. Happiness is something that we are constantly doing or a state of mind that we are in. It’s a state of fluidity. We don’t reach a state of happiness and think yep that’s done!

Today my state of happiness was created by my lovely friend, Miss Tee!


It may sound cliche and she may be reading this going God how good am I!….but so she should. It wasn’t a crazy wild night (and she knows we’ve had a few….he he he) but it was having someone to talk to about anything and everything that had been bothering me. The good stuff and the bad. With the temperature getting cooler it was nice to go out for some tea and hot chocolate and feel the change in seasons and talk about the changes in our lives. It was a moment of just relaxing and chatting with a friend.


Sometimes it’s not what someone can do to fix a situation but it is nice to feel that you have someone to talk to. The support of a great friend is enough to make anyone feel happy. I think it’s important to realise that things happen and we may not be happy one hundred per cent of the time but true happiness can be found when you realise even when you’re down there are those people in your life that are willing to help pick you up and be there for you.

4 Responses to “#30 Days of happiness – Day 28”

  1. 1 Iva

    I found an article that finished with what seemed to me the perfect recipe for happiness:

    “We never learn how it’s a combination of the food we eat, our health, our ability to be creative, our ability to have sound emotional relationships, our ability to find something bigger than ourselves and our egos to give up our spiritual virginity to.)”

    Here is the article, if you are interested: http://techcrunch.com/2011/11/12/10-things-entrepreneurs-dont-learn-in-college/

  2. Aw! Thanks for the good read!!!!!

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