#30 Days of happiness – Day 26


To everyone at meet me at the boutique don’t think I’ve forgotten about you I could never! In a world where everywhere we look we are exposed to some new or random form of technology I found myself in a strange realm where I had….no internet connection :O. Cue dramatic music.

But I do believe there is a saying “better late than never” so even though this post is delayed it is here now. It may sound cheesy and you may be thinking yeah ok.. but today happiness to me is blogging. The more I write the more I am excited to write about. There are days when all I do or want to is focus on writing. Sure I get writers block every now and again but when I get into the flow of it I don’t want to stop.

Some days I feel when I’m at work all I think about are the topics I will write about and I cant wait to get home to start. This is why I want to make writing my career and my life. I’m passionate about it and it makes me happy. Time flys when I’m writing and it’s a world where I can express exactly what I want to say.

It may be cliché to say lifes too short but if anything life recently has truly shown me how true that is. This is why I will continue to work on a career as a writer, life is too short to get out of bed everyday and feel miserable about what you’re doing.

I love writing and am becoming so addicted to blogging. This has made me happy today and the last twenty five days of the #30 days of happiness challenge.


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