#30 Days of happiness – Day 25


I think it is safe to say today has not been my day. I could barely believe it was a mere 24 hours of my life it honestly felt like a week!  I was so stressed out I almost forgot to write :o. I struggled at first to think of what made me happy today but I indulged in my slightly gradma-esque ways and did a crossword puzzle (Insult to grandmas not intended).

IMG_0628Sometimes its good to just chill out and immerse yourself in something that challenges your knowledge. To some this may be a good book or learning a new skill. To me doing my crossword was my moment away from the world, a moment where instead of using my brain to find answers to what could I make for dinner that would be quick and healthy and keep everyone happy, I was able to challenge myself. I guess this comes down to my love to learn new things. Even now I’m contemplating doing further study because it was always something I loved and was something that pushed my skills further and further.

Today happiness to me is challenges, goals and striving to complete something…….although frustration is being experienced at thirty seven down.


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