#30 Days of happiness – Day 23


As I sit here writing this post I can’t help but feel slightly sad. I began the #30 Days of happiness challenge with, I’m not going to lie, doubt that I would have something everyday that made me happy or that I would be able to complete a full thirty days. I decided to give it my best shot because my best friend had suggested it to me and was willing to participate in it too, a team effort as such, she knew I had been going through a rough time and I had no reasons to doubt her she had never been wrong. But most of all I decided to try because she believed in me, she wanted me to be happy and see that even the darkest of days has a silver lining. When I began I had all this doubt but now I feel sad because it’s almost coming to an end (well the challenge anyway). I am enjoying it so much! So don’t be surprised if in the future there is another happiness entry.

Today what makes me happy may seem a bit odd because most people associate it with feel down or blue but after a long run of sunny days what makes me happy is the rain. There is always that moment when you initially wake up where you’re still half asleep and you’re so relaxed before you begin your day. Today was something like that for me. I awoke to hear the pattering of the rain on my bedroom window and the street below, the weather had cast a dark shadow so in my room it still appeared as if it were still night. Instead of rushing to get out of bed I let myself have a lazy morning and just stayed there half asleep half awake listening to the rain.

It’s amazing how relaxing and beautiful the sound of the rain can be. So today what made me happy was my moment of sheer bliss, laying down and listening to the rain.

4 Responses to “#30 Days of happiness – Day 23”

  1. I’ve decided to do this too, my 30 days of happiness

  2. 3 changered

    Weather does really affect my mood. I love the rain too, it makes me happy and relaxes me. Thanks for sharing your happiness 🙂

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