#30 Days of happiness – Day 21


Loss. When I hear that word I immediately think it’s negative. Losing something can never be a good thing right? Nope! Today was perfect even though I lost something. It was a public holiday and I had the day off (whoo! sorry tooting my own horn there) and went on a shopping adventure in Canberra’s city where they just opened their very own Zara store. If anyones ever been to the Sydney store you know the epic crowds you have to push through and the lines you have to wait forever in to try something on. Seriously I’m scared to line up in case my birthday arrives before I make it into a change room. So I never had the time or motivation to push through people to browse properly and see what the store had to offer.

But in Canberra it was calm, laid back and chilled. I took my time browsing once, twice sometimes even a third. May I just say anything sequinned, embellished or sparkly in any way will definitely be in this season. So it was here in this calm place I lost my Zara virginity and purchase my first item! I didn’t want to get too crazy and wrapped up in my ability to browse freely and impulse buy so I decided to purchase a creamy white coloured (very technical I know but really it’s neither one nor the other) with a silver glittered thread throughout it. This would be the perfect item to get me through Autumn and Winter. I think I may now have a little bit of a Zara addiction…


I know I really need to improve my ability to take selfies

I know I really need to improve my ability to take selfies

IMG_0614Today Zara is what makes me happy!

Does anyone have any key favourite Zara pieces?

2 Responses to “#30 Days of happiness – Day 21”

  1. 1 Iva

    Great cardigan, congratulations!

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