#30 Days of happiness – Day 20


Wow! 20 days in….and I’ll admit if you asked me what happiness was I would still stumble to answer the question. Prior to commencing the #30 Days of happiness challenge I would have just thought hmmmm and been a bit blank on the question. Now even though to some extent I would still be panicking in my head thinking “Crap what is happiness?” another dimension has been added. While I may still think that at times I’m also now of the belief that happiness isn’t so easily definable or one thing. Happiness is many things, people, places, anything!

When the thought of what happiness is becomes a little overwhelming and I don’t know the answer I just look back on the past nineteen days and think wow I’ve done so much and so much has happened in that time. Sometimes so much can happen to us in such a short amount of time it feels like years not days, weeks or months. But today what made me happy (well technically yesterday but I only came back today so still counts) wasn’t the endless supply of food or chocolate it was visiting my family in Canberra for the Easter holiday.

With everyone’s lives taking different paths it can be hard at times to see each other but with a recent sad situation in the family it has definitely made me aware of what great people I have in my life even if their not close by all the time. This may sound cliche but I can’t put into words what they mean, have done for me or how much spending time with them this weekend put a smile on my face.

It is very safe to say there was a lot of eating going on but my cousins and I did manage to get out and about to explore some of the sights Canberra has to offer. Here is a bit of what we managed to see (here’s one I prepared earlier…I know lame joke).


The sky may have looked a little cloudy and grey but instead of seeing that as a downfall I think it makes it unique. Sometimes things are beyond our control and things have imperfections but I don’t think that has to be viewed in a bad way after all everything happens for a reason.




I love this photo of the lake it was just so peaceful.

Love the quirky displays

Love the quirky displays


It was such a great weekend to get away and spend it with family. I don’t think happiness can be explained much better than that.

(P.S. I know this is a day late but would the Easter bunny ate my homework excuse do?)

Hope you all had a happy day!









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