#30 Days of happiness – Day 17


One thing that I learnt as a child that always stick in my mind is that it is better to give a gift then it is to receive one. This has always been the case for me I am always excited when it is a friends birthday or Christmas, not because I would receive something in return but I love the thought of being able to make someone smile and feel special. That is my motivation and you could say to some extent I do do it for myself because it makes me feel happy! however in this case I don’t think it is wrong.

So with Easter fast approaching (I’ll admit I was a bit rushed and almost forgot :o) I wanted to show special people in my life that I cared. I could have just given them some chocolate and been done with it but I wanted to do something a little less generic. Of course I got them chocolate….it would have been wrong not to! But I decided instead of giving a card I would get craft paper bags and write personalised easter messages on each one.






Off on my mini Easter DIY adventure I went! Tissue paper, check!. Craft paper bags, check!. Sharpie, check!. Chocolate, check!. It was simple and easy yet a little unique. Just putting all the little gift bags together made me feel good about myself and brought a smile to my face.



Today it made me happy to think about those I loved and to prepare a surprise gift for them. I love making things in general but I feel even better when I’m creating something special for someone else.

7 Responses to “#30 Days of happiness – Day 17”

  1. i love those Easter eggs! As a child I would always eat too many and be sick in the same day, haha. But Now as an adult I changed: I got used to eating so many and I am not becoming sick anymore 😀

    • Ha ha ha me too! and I don’t know if this is just me but I have a theory that they put something special into easter chocolate because it always tastes better than regular chocolate.

      • haha you are so right!

      • Ha ha ha it’s my little conspiracy theory…..I’m now craving chocolate too!

      • I know what you’re saying! I decided I’m going on a diet when the weather gets better, and it’s still snowing where i live, so I’m going to have some chocolate for sure hihi

      • Me too, definitely need a little health kick. Ha ha ha your winter indulgence! 🙂 Winter is coming up for me I’ll have to use all my self control ha ha ha

      • good luck with that!

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