#30 Days of happiness – Day 14


Every now and again an item of clothing or an accessory becomes such a key part of our wardrobe, a staple if you will, that we rarely leave the house without it no matter what the occasion. But at the same time we rarely seem to think about it. It has always been part of our daily routine. Is it underwear? No. Although the Britney Spears’ and Lindsay Lohans of the world should take note….if Victoria can keep her secret maybe you can (or should) too.

Is it those super cute Tiffany & Co studs that seem to just go with any outfit? No. It’s one of those things you may not be able to think of but rarely would a woman be caught without it. It’s your handbag. Thank God I got that off my chest the suspense was killing even me! Styles, colours, sizes it can all change with fashion, time and every different occasion however this is a wardrobe essential that has stood the test of time.

But every now and then a bag comes along that is so stunningly crafted and just classically beautiful that when you have it in your possession you feel a spring in your step and you feel powerful. This is how I felt after months of intense and challenging saving, it was like bootcamp for my savings account, finally I achieved my goal and purchased the amazing, the beautiful (Yes I may be slightly obsessed with it) Gucci vintage web boston bag.



I mean just look at it! (Currently I am jumping up and down screaming like a love struck teen who just found out Justin Bieber was single). While the bag itself may be a classic there’s so much more to it that is the reason why I am happy. Yes it’s stunning and goes with everything! but that’s not it. Every time I look at the bag it represents something to me. My goals, perseverance (or should I say purse-serverance) and drive.

There were days I was tempted to give up saving for it and just spend the money on something else. This had already happened, this was my second saving attempt but I thought to myself at some point in my life there were (and have been) harder challenges than saving for something that I want and what would it say abut me or how would I look back upon my life if everything that was remotely challenging I ran away from?

So today what makes me happy is my bag and the little story of the motivation behind it. It may be just a bag but it certainly carries some strong messages for me (did you see how I did that? :P)


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