#30 Days of happiness – Day 11


Who has an iPhone? iPod? MP3 player? CD player in there car? iPod connectivity? During the silence after I posed these questions to you I could have sworn I saw a tumble weed roll past. Just kidding, jokes aside it would be a very rare encounter to come across someone who has not at some point owned or come across these things. These things aren’t what makes me happy, rather it is what I can use them for.

Happiness today is music!


Music can be such a powerful tool in life. If we’re feeling sad the lyrics of a particular song can be so strong they can move us to tears. It can be that one piece of life that makes you feel as if someone understands your situation and emotions. However this works both ways, while sad songs can help us cry and feel a particular way. Happy songs or songs that make us feel excited and lift our mood can heighten our good emotions.

Although the songs I bought today seemed pretty sad, Small Bump – Ed Sheeran, Clown – Emile Sande etc, it really got me thinking about what songs really set me free.

Some of my favourites…..

1) Nelly – Hey Porshe

2) Avicii vs Nicky Romero – I could be the one

I find the clip to this hilarious always makes me laugh….can see myself reenacting this ha ha ha

3) Taylor Swift – 22

4) Katy Perry – Teenage Dream

What are your favourite “dance like nobody’s watching” songs? Would love to hear it?….Pardon the pun.

2 Responses to “#30 Days of happiness – Day 11”

  1. 1 changered

    Good to know we have a similar music taste, haha. I literally jammed for a while on your blog! You are spreading happiness 🙂 LOVE IT! xoxo

    • Ha ha ha glad I found someone to share my taste with. Aww yay! I found myself doing the same when I was writing it, kept getting distracted dancing around. Aww that is so sweet! Thank you so much xo

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