#30 Days of happiness – Day 10


Wow! ten days already. Sometimes what makes us happy is unexpected and sometimes we plan something and it turns out even better than expected. Normally I am a big fan of sleep ins….Did you know there was a six o’clock in the morning??? Crazy I know it was a shock to me when I found out too don’t worry but today I was excited about the adventure that lay ahead. Following a girly night in we awoke nice and early and prepped ourselves for a day of fun in the city :).

However while we were excited about the adventure that lay ahead that doesn’t mean we could do without a little caffeine pick me up, we could have gotten just your average coffee but one thing that always looked forward to when heading into the city was Starbucks!

IMG_0532Yum! but wait the day gets better….

One word…..Shopping!!! Now let me explain a little something about myself I’m that person who can justify a new pair of shoes when I’m borderline broke because well even though I may not have much in my account I still need to walk everywhere. Theres just something about all the clothes, the shoes, the bags that’s just exciting.

So off to Westfield Sydney we went. We found a quirky little chocolate/lolly shop called Happy Lab. It has the cutest little chocolates and jelly beans in all sorts of flavours in test tube style jars. Felt like we were in a lolly lab! But what we loved as much as the sweets were the quirky signs on the window display, we couldn’t resist.




Along the way I fell in love with the One Teaspoon shop front.


Great company, coffee, shopping, lunch.


The perfect way to end a perfect adventure in the city. So today it was hard to pin point one particular thing that made me happy. It was a collection of things. It was the girls day out adventure in the city, it was spending time with an awesome friend, the shopping, the food, the relaxation. Sometimes the change of scenery no matter how long for can be just what you need to perk you up.

It was the perfect day, thats what made me happy and gave me my daily dose of happiness  :).


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