#30 Days of Happiness – Day 4


Once upon a time in a land beaming with sunshine so enchanting it was as if it reached down from the soft baby blue sky to gently caress your body throughout the day lived a young woman. To many she was a young women like any other, however to some she was special. There were qualities about her that she kept hidden behind a smiling face as if it were her very own shield of armour. But for a few, those very lucky few that had proven to her that she was as special to them as they were to her she slowly revealed her inner most truthful self.

Those that knew her learnt many interesting and strange things about her. To those who didn’t understand her these things may seem puzzling yet to those who understood her these were all the oddly shaped pieces that fell together to form her life. On this occasion they had learnt that the young woman was on a journey, her journey was not to travel to the end of the earth and back nor to find hidden treasures. No, hers was much simpler than that yet carried the same intensity as such a epic adventure would entail.

What was the aim of her journey you ask? For 30 days she was to seek at least one thing a day that made her happy, seems rather simple. Yet this proved to be a rather trying task. In a world where we are bombarded with messages of fear, negativity, hatred or sadness it can be difficult to push through the despair to reach clear waters and this young woman was no stranger to that.


She soon discovered that sometimes you do not need to search far and wide to find something that makes you happy, you merely need to turn to wherever you keep your book collection. Today what made the young woman happy was her book collection. She loved to read even if it was only for a short amount of time because one book, so different from the story that lay next to it or next to the one after that, had the ability to take her on a journey to another place, a place she envisioned in her mind, a unique place like no other. She held her breath, struggled and triumphed with the characters in the stories she read and it was that outlet for her inner most creative thoughts she was thankful for.



So with her book collection growing rapidly the young woman set off to begin another adventure and live happily ever after.

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