Little blue box


No matter how old you are you can’t help but love a birthday. You may have outgrown the party hats and balloons (Yes we only stopped that last year sooo 2012) but no matter how you celebrate it you should always feels special on your birthday. So when a very special friends birthday came around this year I decided instead of just going out and buying a regular gift box I would get creative, two of her loves baby blue and tiffany’s.

To make a gift box like this you will need a few things:

1) Paper Mache box (For this one I used a paper macho hat box) $8.99

2) Acrylic paint (Cobalt Turquoise Light Hue) $7.99

3) Acrylic paint (Titanium white) $7.99

4) Matte Varnish $15.99

5) Hake brush $4.50

6) White satin ribbon (4m) $3.99

7) Craft glue $3.69




Step 1

I know it seems like I am stating the obvious here but…paint the box. I know who would have guessed! Being unable to find the exact tiffany blue I had to mix the blue and white to get a match.


Step 2

I find with some gift boxes you buy strong doesn’t really describe them and I wanted the gift box to be durable so later on she could use the box to store jewellery or anything she liked. The shop assistant recommended I coat the box with varnish to seal the paint and make it more durable. It goes on clear and is just like putting a top coat of paint. I used a matte varnish here because I wanted it to be as much like a tiffany’s box as I could but depending on what look you’re after you can use different varnishes.

Step 3

Now for a touch of tiffany’s elegance! Once the varnish coat has dried mark four points on the box and lid where you want your ribbon to be. I cut the ribbon into separate sections for the lid and the box so that when I put the lid on the box it looks like its all joined but you don’t have the undo the whole lot to remove the lid. Just line the box with the glue and slowly press the ribbon down.


Step 4

I made the bow separately and glued it in the centre of the lid. This was probably the hardest aspect of this project, I had to redo the bow about four times before it was just right! Helppp! My bow tying abilities had seriously been tested. I used this guide I found on google images.






And voila! This was a really special project to make because it wasn’t jut any old gift box it was personalised and special, I was just as excited about giving my friend the gift box as I was about giving her the gift. So next time you have a friends or loved ones birthday make it special and personalise it just for them!

2 Responses to “Little blue box”

  1. Adorable! I would love a gift like this! 🙂

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