When the going gets tough


To think it was only a few short months ago that we were all sitting by the harbour enjoying the excitement and anticipation in the air of the coming year. The feeling was electric! We talked about all the things we would do, looked forward to all the different types of people we would meet. But life is never as easy as it seems since then we’ve experienced the loss of an irreplaceable loved one, been made redundant, gotten into a relationship and began studying again.

Yes for my friends and I the new year has gotten off to a stressful and chaotic start. It affects us all in our own unique ways but there is no denying we all need some time out and a break. Everyone experiences tough times every now and again so I wanted to share with all of you lovely people a few things that help my friends and I relax.

1) Pick your favourite spot whether it be just laying in your comfy bed or sitting by the water and read your favourite book. I love this! Reading a book just has the ability to take you away from the world and transform you into another one, I love imagining the characters and the setting in my mind. I’m currently obsessed with The Woman in Black. I saw the movie before I knew it was a book. I love reading the book and comparing how different it is to the movie. It’s amazing how the same story can be described in different ways.

2) Bubble bath, bath salts and candles. Sometimes nothing is more relaxing than filling a bath, lighting some candles and just letting your thoughts just fade away. Listen to some music, read a magazine or just be. Whatever you feel like doing this is your zone!

3) A favourite of mine and I admit my best friend got me hooked on this, getting comfy on the couch or bed and just putting on Sex and the city, movies or series whatever. It is the perfect thing to cheer us up when we are down.

4) Coffee and catch up. I love just hanging out with my friends and talking. Even if they just need to vent to me, getting out and listening to them takes my mind off anything that’s on my mind and as they say to have a friend you need to be a friend.

I’m sure there are many, many more things we can all do to relax. What are your favourite things to help the stress fade away?

2 Responses to “When the going gets tough”

  1. 1 Tillie Broweah

    Hey Boutique Beauty!!!

    I agree watching Sex and the City is a great way to relax especially having a girlie night which include nail treatments and facials! Thanks for the hints and advice! 🙂


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