I need these as I have feet


I have a little confession to make, I am a total and complete shoe addict. Recently during a family shopping outing I professed how depleted my bank account was and that today I would only be window shopping. My family almost paused to wait for a tumble weed to roll across the perfectly gleaming floor of the shopping centre, no faith? please I could totally do this…..

This lasted for another whole minute until I reached a shoe store. It was like seeing a puppy in a window it would be cruel to just walk away. Huh! my brother started to laugh “What about not having any money?”. My answer simple! “I may not have much money but I still need to walk everywhere” and that ladies is how you win the shoes vs no shopping challenge.

Although on this occasion I managed to use self control I went home to my own personal shoe store and reminisced and look at what I discovered.


Enter my glittering pair of Verali Lift heels. The ultimate statement heel! With a killer 13.5cm heel it’s safe to say you won’t be running any marathons in these but why would you want to? I would want people to see these beauties.



Sometimes no matter how much we try and grow up deep down that little girl who loves anything that sparkles still exists!

6 Responses to “I need these as I have feet”

  1. Very cute! I have a pair just like those 🙂

  2. 5 Tillie Broweah

    But in other words as well! Beauty is Pain!

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