And the Oscar goes to….


To think it has already been a year since Angelina Jolie made us aware that she has a right leg!

And how fashions have changed! some of my favourites this year were the more elegant and demure choices.

Top of the list…..Jennifer Lawrence.

Yes it may seem like a plain and rather safe choice in some ways but I love it. It is a pure classic! The problem with some celebrities is that they try too hard when really they don’t have to. I really like the faint pattern in the material, it takes it from risky bridal looking territory to an award winning number. She made it truly interesting by wearing her necklace so it draped around the back rather than the front. In a world where we are exposed to more and more crazy fashions (God bless Lady Gaga) sometimes not over thinking it can be more of a standout.

Another starlet I liked and it was a surprise to me was Kirsten Stewart!

I love her hair, its a combination of polished and fun, not looking too done or messy. She looks sophisticated and classy (and she’s smiling! :o). Again we are seeing paler colour choices but what can we say they sure are working it well.

But i couldn’t finish without mentioning my favourite gorgeous celebrity couple! Channing Tatum and Jenna Dawan-Tatum. Too stylish!….Not to mention gorgeous. One genetically blessed celebrity baby coming up!

Who was your favourite of the night?

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