Sneaking Around


For some people shopping for shoes is as easy as 1,2,3. Size, Colour, Style. Done. But for some shopping for those perfect shoes is an adventure! Just think of all the things you can wear them with, all the new ways you can experiment with them in your wardrobe. Just like each experience stays with us and forms memories I believe our clothing can do the same.

Remember that birthday dress from last year that made you feel amazing? Or when you were having a bad day and you put on those skinny Lee jeans and that Ben Sherman blazer and you just felt better about yourself? This is the power of our style on our perceptions of situations or how we feel at a particular moment.

I love dressing up! But dressing up doesn’t mean you need to break out the red carpet gown you’ve been saving for important everyday events like your trip to do the grocery shopping (Ok that was a joke, but hey if that makes you happy!). I love a casual outfit that just has a bit of attitude, a bit of a statement. This is why I love the sneaker wedge.

One of my very own favourites is the Lipstik Shoes Fresh Stone wedge in gold glitter. Wear it with a fresh white tee and tights with a simple necklace, perfect! On a recent girls night in I wore these with black tights, a long grey flowing singlet and a denim jacket with a Michael Kors watch. Simple but I felt casual, smart and it gave me a little bit of attitude.

They are my new little obsession! I’m loving all these other styles too, which is your favourite?

Some celebrities have even traded couture and stilettos for the sneaker wedge style.

How would you wear your sneaker wedges?

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