I heart you!


Love is defined as a feeling of strong affection.

We all feel it about someone or something, some people feel love when they look at their children, some when they look at their parents, some feel love when they look at their friends or reminisce about the times their shared.

Thats the key to love.

A lot of people get caught up in all the Valentine’s day hype, being part of a couple, the flowers, chocolates, dinners. These things are fun and make a person feel special but sometimes we really need to be reminded about the true meaning, love.

Being single I seem to get the “Oh you’re single, why? but your such a catch? you’re so pretty” and my favourite “We should all do something…oh but you’ll have to bring someone I wouldn’t want you to feel like a third wheel” (I love that one).

Yes love between a couple should be celebrated, go crazy! But if it really is about the true meaning of love. I have plenty of love to celebrate, I love my family, I love my friends. After all your family are loved ones are your life, love your life.

While having the fact that you’re the “single one” constantly being thrown at you, everything happens for a reason and as long you are happy you have love.

Sometimes you may feel down about this but sometimes you may just need a laugh….

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